About Us

Our MISSION is to raise the bar in children's environmental health.

Our VISION is to play an integral role in creating more awareness in children's environmental health through:

  • Education (blogs, medical studies, current studies in academia, designing studies in collaboration with academia)
  • Consultation
  • Environmental health products

Why We Do What We Do:

Genetic variants (SNPs or snips) are common among our population leading us to not be able to detoxify optimally. This includes not only ingested toxins but also environmental toxins we absorb through our skin, lungs, eyes, nasal passages etc. This is very important to address since our immune systems are directly impacted by environmental toxins. If we cannot quickly get them out of our bodies it can lead to disease and also brain compromising issues like ADHD, ADD, PANS, PANDAS and other debilitating conditions.”

Lori Dale, Children’s HealthBridge LLC

Our History

    As managing partners of Children's HealthBridge, LLC, we would like to introduce ourselves. Raising children has been the most rewarding role of our lives. Between the two of us we are raising 7 wonderful children with their own set of gifts and challenges.  Sadly this has included some health challenges in both families.  From academic and athletic performance to sleep and friendships - all of these areas of our children's lives were affected. We both experienced difficulty finding specialists who could help our children resulting in both of us going across state lines to find physicians to help diagnose and resolve our children's symptoms. We had to pull our children from their local schools requiring us to discover educational options that fit our children's needs.  Getting financial support for the treatment through our insurance coverage was another area we both had to deal with while trying to nurture our children through their challenges and recovery. Medical labs played a pivotal role in determining if environmental triggers were a piece of the health puzzle. We both found we needed emotional support from other moms with similar struggles. We supported each other through these times and used our collective experiences as a catalyst for positive change.

    Whether you live in the Charlotte area or outside of our local service area we can help from a distance. Our goal in building Children's HealthBridge is to offer support and services to families and with children who may have an environmental trigger that has not been uncovered. We also provide assistance to those families who are aware of their child's environmental triggers but need environmental help with where their child spends the most time. We have been interviewing and researching mold remediation testing companies, mold remediation companies, HVAC companies and basement/crawl space encapsulation and waterproofing experts over the past year. Finding experts who are honest and truly care has been our goal. After investing in health care for you child you don't want to be overcharged for environmental services. We only partner with companies that offer competitive pricing with quality services. This will give you the peace of mind that you have made a good decision.


    • Sharing our knowledge of environmental issues that often research is just now demonstrating can negatively impact children’s health
    • Recommend environmental and medical professionals that we personally found were able to assist us with diagnosis and/or medical care for our children or those we have extensively reviewed to ensure the professional is one we would work with should we need professional services for one of our children (this will eventually include names of professionals that verified customers of Children’s HeathBridge found were instrumental helping their child). This includes physicians and medical staff willing to make in home visits for lab work and IV administration - Charlotte area only
    • Work with your new home inspector to get mold testing if any water damage is seen during the home inspection before you invest in your new home
    • Discuss insurance reimbursement options regarding IVIG therapy and other costly treatments and lab work that is recommended by your physician
    • Help locate appropriate educational options for your child considering their individual educational needs; and support the caregiver through this difficult time (list of schools that support students with health challenges related to the environment and schools we confirm have excellent air quality) - Charlotte area only
    • Offer environmental health products that we personally have found to help our families. Please always consult with your physician about your specific health concerns before purchasing these products as we are not physicians and are not recommending these products but merely sharing products we use or have used during our illness and the ease of ordering these products with hopes of helping families live healthier lives. 
    • Provide assistance with families sending their children off to boarding school or university related to air quality technology for their dorms and how to work with their physician to make it easier for them to receive the housing they need.
    For more local Charlotte customers we can provide in person consultation as needed. We charge $75 per hour and our initial consultation typically lasts 1 to 1.5 hours. We provide Skype and Facetime consultations for those outside of our service area. For a more specific list of currently available services at Children’s HealthBridge please see the How We Can Help Families live healthy lives in our Toxic World Section of this website.


    • Mold testing and remediation companies with project management options
    • HVAC companies who utilize clean air technology
    • Air duct cleaning
    • Basement waterproofing and crawlspace encapsulation service options
    • Physicians who utilize the latest diagnostic testing for environmental toxicity exposure
    • Dorm room environmental testing kits and clean air technology options
    • EMF testing in homes, schools and wherever your child spends most of his or her time


    Blake Bouldin

    Blake is the owner and general manager at Integrity Energy Solutions. He has had almost five years of experience in residential indoor air quality. Blake has partnered with us and performs all of our CHB consultations.


      Lori Dale, MH, MBA

      As a 22 year old newly wed, I suffered from an undiagnosed sudden onset of swelling accompanied by an intermittent traveling pain. Fast forward 20 years and I finally started connecting the dots. All signs and symptoms mysteriously vanished when I moved from a newly constructed home to an older home three months after the disease manifested. Tracing my exposure to a variety of environmental toxins led me to discover many exposures occurred in places I would never expect. Schools, churches, vacation spots and other places that I would never suspect. As a medical blogger and CME logistics provider, I have had the opportunity to attend environmental toxicity courses and functional medical lab courses for physicians. Understanding various environmental toxins and learning about current diagnostic approaches for neuro-immune conditions has fueled my passion to help teach families about environmental toxicity who are trying to find answers. My own environmental health crises coupled with a recent environmental health challenge my child faced has given me the determination to help others understand how the environment can play a role in health. When my son had to leave his school due to mold exposure, I had to find a treatment plan, educational options and environmental health products and services to support my son's health needs. Asthma was an inherited condition that my children and I have been able to overcome. Before launching CHB, I have had the opportunity to educate families about the Cunningham Panel. This knowledge led them to find physicians who are experienced with this panel and treat PANS and PANDAS. After the lab results from newer diagnostic tests, families are now getting their children diagnosed and treated and they are seeing positive results. Medical labs play a pivotal role in determining if environmental triggers are a piece of the health puzzle.

      With a big family and a huge heart for children, I have joined forces with Kathryn to offer environmental consulting and products - many that I have used in my own home for years. My education includes a BA in International Studies, a BA in French, an MBA from Queens University and a Master Herbal diploma from American College of HealthCare Science in Portland, OR. My experience working with clients as a certified Lifestyle Educator has taught me how a healthy lifestyle can change lives and provide hope. I have recently stepped away from consulting to work for Pure Air Control Services out of Clearwater Florida. As a sales executive and indoor air quality solutions provider, I help hospitals, universities, resorts/hotels and businesses clean up their indoor air while saving them in energy costs.

      Kathryn Morris, MS Counseling

      As a mom with direct experience with PANS, I have been helping families navigate the continually changing landscape of PANS and PANDAS over the past year. As I watched my child go from high achiever both academically and athletically to struggling, I went to great lengths to find answers. After 5 doctors (2 out of state) and too many diagnostic tests to count, I finally began to see a glimmer of hope for my child. Environmental testing, clean air technology and water intrusion issues were all areas I had to address to create a healthy environment for my child. My passion is to support families struggling to understand chronic health challenges like PANS, PANDAS and autism. Whether it's finding the right educational fit for your child, discovering a way to get insurance reimbursement or understanding the most recent diagnostic test for PANDAS, I can provide the support that can move you in the right direction. In addition I am pursuing training in the area of mold testing and building hygiene related to air quality. My educational background includes a MS in Rehabilitation Counseling and Vocational Evaluation from ECU, a BS in Business Administration and a BA in Psychology from Meredith College. My clients have taught me that each individual has a unique health journey that must be understood in order to move forward and thrive. Children's HealthBridge gives me the opportunity to take my struggles and turn them into support for families who are going through many of the same hardships I have had to overcome on my own.

      At Children's HealthBridge, my business partner and I continually evaluate the latest medical research and uncover functional lab tests and other accurate diagnostic tools that help expedite the time it takes to establish a diagnosis. Our research allows us to educate families regarding the latest medical tests they can discuss with their physician when trying to find answers to their children's health conditions.

       Penny our mascot!

      Penny helps us with our research and meets many of our clients, business partners and affiliates.

      Kathryn and Lori are currently working on designing an environmental health study related to EMF and its impact on C diff., MRSA and fungal growth in a controlled environment. We will have a link to updates as the study progresses.