Donna, Charlotte Area
"My experience is with Lori Dale as a vital resource. She connected us with the right clinical connections and environmental solutions that allowed my family to get the remedies we needed quickly.  Her knowledge in this area is remarkable and will quickly assure anyone’s fast recovery from our constant assault from the environment and  will assist her clients with making better dietary changes that are needed."

Single Mom, Charlotte area
"Kathryn worked with me after I had my three children in the Emergency Room from severe mold exposure in my rental condo. Her compassion and knowledge gave me the support I needed during a very difficult time. She helped me understand how important it was to journal our health issues after mold exposure to help with doctors visits and the importance of finding a new place to live for the health of my family."
Jenni, Charlotte Area
"Due to our concerns of sleep issues one of our children had, Lori measured my home with an RF meter for higher levels of electromagnetic frequency that may have been the cause. She discovered that one of our appliances close to my child's bedroom may have interfering with my child's sleep cycle. When we stopped running it at bedtime my child was able to sleep soundly."

Robin, Charlotte Area
"After dealing with health issues for 4 years I made one small change suggested by Lori. That one change completely transformed my health and I no longer suffer from coughing and sinus issues. This motivated me to embark on healthier eating and weight loss. I can now go outside without an allergic response and I have a lot more energy. My cough is gone and I am feeling great!"