What to Expect During Your Consultation

  • Sharing our knowledge of environmental issues that often research is just now demonstrating can negatively impact children’s health
  • Recommend environmental and medical professionals that we personally found were able to assist us with diagnosis and/or medical care for our children or those we have extensively reviewed to ensure the professional is one we would work with should we need professional services for one of our children. This includes physicians and medical staff willing to make in home visits for lab work and IV administration - Charlotte area only
  • Work with your new home inspector to get mold testing if any water damage is seen during the home inspection before you invest in your new home
  • Discuss insurance reimbursement options regarding IVIG therapy and other costly treatments and lab work that is recommended by your physician
  • Help locate appropriate educational options for your child considering their individual educational needs; and support the caregiver through this difficult time (list of schools that support students with health challenges related to the environment and schools we confirm have excellent air quality) - Charlotte area only
  • Offer environmental health products that we personally have found to help our families. Please always consult with your physician about your specific health concerns before purchasing these products as we are not physicians and are not recommending these products but merely sharing products we use or have used during our illness and the ease of ordering these products with hopes of helping families live healthier lives. 
  • Provide assistance with families sending their children off to boarding school or university related to air quality technology for their dorms and how to work with their physician to make it easier for them to receive the housing they need.
For more local Charlotte customers we can provide in person consultation as needed. We charge $75 per hour and our initial consultation typically lasts 1 to 1.5 hours. We offer Skype and Facetime consultations for those outside of our service area. 

All of the professionals we refer you to do not receive compensation for our referral to keep your costs as low as possible. We are continually updating our list of local physicians who treat patients with environmental toxin exposure. If you are interested in working with us, please fill out our contact us page. Thank you for choosing to work with Children's HealthBridge LLC.